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Ling is a chinoiserie brand.
A meta-universe brand created on the basis of the history of China's Ming Dynasty.

We will start with the 10,000 avatars from Ling series and will work with the community to offer each NFT character an unique story. We have already reached an agreement with well-known dubbing teams in the industry to dub for some NFT characters. Meanwhile, we also expect active participation of our community members to bring new ideas to each character. In the future, we will cooperate with more brands to continue to empower the community.

Here, we use chinoiserie, history and culture as brushes to break the barriers between virtual and reality and write our own stories.

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We will constantly adjust the roadmap, integrate into the community, create the largest brand of decentralized chinoiserie metaverse according to the development of the community.

  1. sale

    Ling team establishes partnerships with outstanding people from many channels to complete the early planning and cooperation. In the minting stage, we will work with the community for the sale of Ling Series NFT.

  2. gallery

    After the minted procedure of Ling, NFT Gallery will be launched on the official website at the same time to bring better use experience to community members.

  3. character dubbing

    We have reached cooperation intention with well-known dubbing teams, and will carry out community activities to collect monologues for NFT characters and complete dubbing of characters together with the community.

  1. shop

    We will cooperate with various brands to launch various national style peripheral products for the community, including jackets, T-shirts, various art collections and so on! We will also use meta-universe IP operation to profit and give back to the community.

  2. NFT upgrade

    We will provide 1/1 upgrade of NFT character images and attributes for users who actively participate in the community and give full play to the imagination of the community to offer each character an unique story.

  3. animation

    The community will work with the NFT owners to create a Ling animation and rewrite the history of the Ming Dynasty.

  1. series

    We will expand Ling series by creating other NFT series set in other dynasties of China, and airdrop them to Ling NFT holders.

  2. game

    In the setting of the animation and character background, we will design a card strategy blockchain game, providing a variety of innovative games for Ling community.

  3. metaverse

    We will continue to organize activities for our holders / communities to expand the metaverse and gradually engage in cooperation with other projects to create unique things, build Chinese historical metaverse and promote Chinese culture to the world.